Lack of buses to hospital causing problems in the city

By Katie Ager 

Kent County Council need to restore bus services at the Westgate Towers so elderly residents can get to Kent and Canterbury hospital, says a city business leader.

Businesswoman Debbie Barwick started a petition reaching nearly 3000 signatures, calling for bus services to return in the city.

The petition started after traders in St Dunstan’s and St Peters Street complained they were losing business. Debbie said: “People living here can’t get to Kent and Canterbury hospital and people who want to come to St Peters Street and St Dunstan’s Street to shop have trouble getting here since the buses have stopped running through the towers.”

Westgate Towers in Canterbury

Stagecoach stopped operating a service at Westgate in a 2012 traffic ban when they claimed busses were ‘too big’ to fit through the towers.

Ms Barwick has stressed that Kent county council need to bring in a completely new bus company or make stagecoach create smaller buses.

Concerns have been raised for the elderly generation as they need frequent access to public transport.

An anonymous resident said: “The government tries to convince you to use public transport yet they’re taking that away from you by having very little transport.

“If the elderly require transport to the hospital and the only way they can do that is by bus, then they’ll have to spend money for a taxi with their pension, which isn’t really fair.”

Reporter Katie ager explains more about the buses at the Westgate Towers:

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