“Without someone to advocate for her she would have died in the hospital”

By Callum Erskine

A woman has claimed her severely disabled sister would have died in hospital if her family had not constantly supervised her care.

Angela Gumbrill, 37, suffers from several disabilities including Spina bifadah, autism and complete deafness.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.45.46
Angela Gumbrill

Angela has been in and out of the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford since April . Her sister Kate Howard has claimed that the care she  received has not been good enough:

“We left someone with her 24/7 because we didn’t trust them”

Ms Howard has been the primary care giver for Angela for three and a half years and she claims that there were several incidents that led to a loss of trust in the NHS.

These claims include Angela’s oxygen tank running out, the wrong food being delivered and medication being administered late.

“Angela cannot communicate with people that don’t know how to read what she’s saying and without someone to advocate for her, she would have died in the hospital”.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.47.54
A slogan taken from the East Kent NHS website: http://www.ekhuft.nhs.uk

Angela has been waiting months for the NHS to provide a suitable wheelchair and mobility equipment, which never came. For Kate this was too much:

“If Angela is housebound then I’m housebound and if I am housebound then so are my children and that was unacceptable”

It was at this point that the family decided to raise funds for Angela’s equipment for themselves, setting up a crowd funding page as a way of raising the money from donations.

Kate says:

“the response has been amazing online and with her new chair they have given Angie her life back” 

Due to the crowd funding page and some anonymous donations Angela has a new chair at the cost of £4950 raised without any help from the NHS.

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